Critical reaction

“Woolf writes with quiet modesty, gravity and deep compassion. Yet he is comfortable with poking fun at himself and is unpretentiously witty…  This is an extraordinary story, compellingly told… Even if you (think you) don’t like orange wine, please read it.” Tamlyn Currin,

“Mr. Woolf is an engaging writer with an excellent story to tell and an array of intriguing characters. He is precise, weighing in on the intersection of orange and natural wines, without being pedantic.” Eric Asimov, New York Times

“Woolf’s excellent Amber Revolution book examines the style in detail and includes a guide to 180 orange wine producers, if you want to investigate the amber nectar further.” Martin Moran, The Sunday Times

“A clear-eyed, passionate view of a vinous phenomenon. Woolf is such an adept story-teller that most readers are apt to become engrossed” David Schildknecht, World of Fine Wine

“niche but so accessible”
“beautifully written and totally unpretentious”
“hands down the best”  Judges at the Roederer International Wine Writing Awards 2019

“Like the history book we would all have loved to have read when we were younger. It gives you the big picture, whilst also going into such fine detail that the reader starts to develop a relationship with the modern day protagonists…” Colin Harkness on wine / Costa News

“A timely and beautiful book. Woolf writes well, and he has important things to say.” Stephen Quinn

“Every so often the near-desert that is wine publishing comes up with something welcome and really interesting.” David Crossley, Wide World of Wine

“A damn good read” Frankie Cook, Frankly Wines

“The text is precise and accurate, the photography is beautiful” Mauro Fermariello, Wine Stories (in Italian)

“Timely and very readable” – Hugh Johnson

“Fascinating, deftly written. Will tell you everything you need to know about this long-hidden tradition.” – Andrew Jefford, Decanter

“Nobody knows more about orange wine and its fascinating history than Simon Woolf, and nobody writes better about it.” – Felicity Carter, Meininger’s Wine Business International

“Witty, precise and well written with Simon Woolf’s unique and signature style”  – Dr. José Vouillamoz, Wine Grapes

“Woolf is at his best here, combining personal narrative with historical research, while debunking the myths surrounding orange wines.” – Suzanne Mustacich, Wine Spectator